About HonestVitaminGuy

Hi there! My name is Hans Mast (aka the Honest Vitamin Guy) and I am a big believer in real science.

Why this website

I started this site because I saw the incredible confusion around healthcare. And our health is one of the most important things about us. Our bodies are sacred temples.


I am upset by two sets of charlatans:

  • Big Pharma with their interest in keeping us dependent and hooked on expensive, proprietary drugs
  • Snake-oil supplement salesmen (often MLM-based) pushing products for miracle cures based on anecdotal nonsense spawned by the placebo effect

Often I see folks make the mistake of joining one camp or the other, which is a gigantic false dichotomy.

It’s so sad when someone joins one of those other teams, because they either miss out on the incredible miracle of modern medicine OR they miss out on the incredible, inexpensive healing (scientifically proven!) power of certain herbs and supplements. And both sides often do damage to their bodies by consuming inadvisable substances.

I am “Team Real Science”. I know there are dishonest charlatans in both the pharmaceutical industry and in natural supplements industry.

Randomized Controlled Studies (RCTs)

The only way to get to the bottom of an issue is through Randomized Controlled Studies (RCTs).

Because herbs and supplements cannot be patented, there is unfortunately very little profit motive to do RCTs on natural remedies. That means there aren’t nearly as many RCTs for vitamins as I wish there were. However, there are enough to seriously inform our usage of herbs & supplements.

What we do

On this website, we will do three things:

  • Science: For every supplement we discuss, we will give a summary of all the relevant scientific studies.
  • Expense: We give cheaper and more effective alternatives for every product we discuss. Most supplements are marketing-driven and hugely overpriced. Through digging into the active ingredients, we can find less expensive alternatives.
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): MLMs have had a very corrosive influence on the supplement industry. It’s spawned a plethora of companies that produce overpriced products that exploit the trust of friendship. We expose MLM companies and offer cheaper alternatives.

Who we are

Coming soon.